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Best Practices: Harnessing the Power of a 360° Ad Campaign to Build Your Brand

Best Practices: Harnessing the Power of a 360° Ad Campaign to Build Your Brand

Back in simpler times, the Ad Agency’s creative department produced a TV commercial or two, and possibly a couple of magazine ads, and the media department – using syndicated TV viewership and magazine readership data – figured out how to spend the client’s ad budget to maximize exposure opportunities.

How times have changed! The desired outcome is still the same – use a finite advertising budget to build your brand and sell as many ‘widgets’ as possible, all the while strengthening loyalty among current customers and bringing in some new ones.

But, today, as we well know, the channels available to advertisers, and the ways of using these channels to engage the viewer have exploded into a seemingly endless array of options. As a result, advertisers and their agencies have an abundance of ways to bring creative new solutions into the mix. However, insights as to whether these solutions will actually build the brand tend to be fragmented and siloed, at best.

With such an endless array of communication channel options, how can advertisers best combine traditional and newer channels to optimize engagement, intensity and persuasive impact? What are the qualities of winning 360° campaigns? 

As an advertising research consultancy that has spent the past 20+ years evaluating and diagnosing the effectiveness of multimedia, then 360° campaigns for a wide range of advertisers, we have a unique perspective. This paper focuses on today’s advertising environment, and draws on our database and client experiences to examine what works and what doesn’t in the advertiser’s quest to engage and persuade today’s consumers. The main points covered are the following:

• Campaigns that Succeed In-Market

• General Observations by Channel Type

• Other Traditional Offline Media

• Digital Platforms

• Summary and Questions to Consider

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