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The System 1 And MAYA Solution For Marketing To Moms

The System 1 And MAYA Solution For Marketing To Moms

If there’s one universally accepted truth about contemporary moms, it’s that they are not the same as the mothers we grew up with. Whether you’re a Baby Boomer, Gen Xer or Millennial, the woman who raised you differs significantly from today’s moms.

This shift has left entire categories reeling. As parental concerns about health, natural ingredients, and ethical sourcing have increased, CPG has been hit particularly hard. Many brands that had enjoyed near-domination of their categories for years have found they can no longer coast on that success. Now brands are trying everything to engage moms: New product introductions, rebranding legacy products, and corporate social responsibility initiatives are just some of the attempted fixes.

Success has been mixed. Simply revamping packaging or running campaigns that pander to this new generation of mothers can’t deliver long-term brand success.

But there’s something that can: a System 1 approach to advertising to moms, with a MAYA twist.

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