About Communicus

Communicus provides unparalleled insights into how advertising campaigns build brands and motivate purchasing.

Armed with Communicus research and insights, our clients understand which of their campaign elements are resonating and driving impact on their brands. This includes assessment of how they are building System 1 affinity and leading consumers down the path to purchase.

We also show clients how all of their 360° campaign elements work to amplify the value of one another, how competitive interactions affect their brands, and how to craft more effective future campaigns. Our unique research approach captures the dynamic nature of the interactions between consumers, advertising communications and brand connections.

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Our Mission


We believe in the power of great advertising to build brands and sell products. Our mission is to provide advertisers with potent, research-based insights that will improve the effectiveness of their advertising and IMC campaigns. View Our Mission

Our Approach


To understand how advertising impacts consumers’ thoughts and actions, you need to examine what happens in the minds of consumers who see advertising in the real world. We provide proprietary, dynamic research designs that isolate the impact of advertising on brands.
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Experience Base


For over 50 years, our authoritative research and consulting has guided Fortune 100 advertisers in improving their advertising and integrated marketing campaigns. Having measured and diagnosed nearly $15 billion of advertising in the past 10 years, turning data into insights that will improve the ROI of your advertising dollars is what we do every day. View Our Experience

Our Team


To get the best research-based insights and advice on advertising and brands, you need people who are highly experienced and passionate about helping clients to succeed. Meet our first class team of advertising experts. Meet the Team