Letter From the President

Letter from the PresidentBuilding brands with advertising and, yes, social media.


Jeri Smith

Chief Executive Officer

Advertising works!

I write about many topics, but a lot of what we do at Communicus – and therefore what I write about – involves examining how advertising or IMC campaigns can be made to work harder. Sometimes, tweaking the creative could result in stronger engagement, better branding, clearer communications or greater persuasive impact on the brand. Sometimes, some reallocation of the media budget or changes to the pool size would improve the in-market results achieved by the campaign.

But, putting this all aside, the main thing that I want to say is that advertising works.

Not every ad, and not always as well as they could, but much better than the doubters out there (including, deep down, many CEO’s) believe. Because there is so much going on in-market, and because as hard as you’re trying to sell your product, the competitors are trying just as hard to sell theirs, it’s not always evident at first glance that advertising works. But it does!

If you stopped advertising, you’d begin seeing declines in sales and in your brand’s health.

In some cases, if you increased your ad budget, you’d start to see better results. However, often the greatest leverage an advertiser has resides within the creative itself. Great advertising works a lot better than average advertising. It’s exciting to see how a brilliant concept, brilliantly executed, can achieve such great results, often leaving better-funded, but average, campaigns in the dust.

So here’s to advertising in all of its forms, from the grand old :60 TV commercial to OLV’s to digital banner ads to social media conversations . And especially, here’s to great campaigns!

At Communicus, we take pride in helping our clients recognize that advertising works!

Jeri M. Smith
Communicus, Inc.