Our Experience Base

Our Experience BaseCommunicus has measured, analyzed and reported on over $30 billion worth of advertising for Fortune 100 advertisers.
The gold standard of consumer-based advertising research systems for over 50 years, Communicus provides research and consulting to many Fortune 100 advertisers and leading brands. As the advertising marketplace has changed over the years, our measurement system has evolved accordingly. Today, we provide unparalleled campaign evaluations that isolate the impact of all elements within your overall marketing communications campaign.

Having evaluated over $30 billion worth of advertising and 360° campaigns in the past 25 years, we’ve got the breadth and depth of experience to provide highly insightful, relevant and actionable consulting services. Our clients gain specific feedback on their advertising and IMC campaigns, but also foundational learning and ‘best practices’ lessons that can form the basis for smarter forward-looking campaign planning.

Our experience spans alcoholic beverages, automotive, CPG, financials services and much more.

Explore our knowledge center, which represents just a fraction of the accumulated knowledge that we’ve gained from our extensive experience. You can also view some of the valued clients we’ve had the pleasure of working with over the years, and who can attest to the value Communicus provides.