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Communicus has evaluated and diagnosed nearly $15 billion worth of cross-channel advertising performance in the past 10 years. The database is deep, and the accumulated knowledge unparalleled.

With over four decades of advertising research experience, Communicus’ measurement system has evolved along with the sea changes that have occurred in the world of advertising. What remains constant is our foundational philosophy and core approach to providing insights that advertisers can use to inform advertising planning and effectiveness. As a result, Communicus is the trusted advertising research resource for some of the world’s most iconic brands.

Our experience and normative database spans CPG/FMCG, technology, financial services, retail, and much more.

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Our team of industry-leading analytics and insights professionals apply their decades of experience to provide the incisive, relevant and actionable guidance brands need to survive and thrive in an increasingly complex advertising environment.

We evaluate campaigns that speak to B2B targets, Hispanic consumers, kids, teens, Millennials and other population cohorts across the US and Global markets.