Our Mission

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We help you make smarter decisions about your advertising.

For your brand to succeed, you need advertising and total marketing communications solutions that will connect with your target and build the brand – not just provide exposure opportunities for your message.

You also need research feedback that doesn’t define success solely on the basis of short-term sales results or even on consumers’ rational responses. Building the System 1 memory structures that result in enduring brand strength are a foundation of ongoing brand survival and success, and one Communicus focuses on relentlessly.

Our mission is to ensure that our clients gain profound insights into how their advertising is impacting their brands, empowering them to execute more effective campaigns.

Our consumer research methods recognize that the most powerful advertising campaigns are those in which individual messages all work together to build and amplify System 1 memory structures and response. We superimpose extensive experience and normative frameworks, and top it all off with insightful, client-focused consulting to illuminate how your advertising is working. Our clients and their agency partners are better informed about how consumers perceive their brands, how advertising is helping to further their objectives, and what to do next to improve their marketplace success.
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Going above and beyond to fulfill this mission.

We’ve developed rapid response insights delivery capabilities that enable clients to know how their advertising is doing right now – and what adjustments to the content or the resource allocation will enhance its effectiveness.