The Value We Provide

Our ValueWe give our clients the insights to gain strong advertising ROI and build healthy brands.

The best way for you to ensure that your advertising builds the brand is to have feedback mechanisms in place that isolate the impact that advertising has on consumer perceptions, attitudes and behavior. Combine this with consulting based on in-market evaluation of billions of dollars worth of advertising, and you are assured of gaining the best possible feedback on what’s worked, what hasn’t, and why. Many of our clients also use a number of other research tools to gain advertising-related feedback. In their experience, Communicus provides real value and insights that are unavailable from these other sources.

Communicus Provides Traditional Ad Tracking Marketing Mix Single Source Approach Copy Testing

Our clients gain actionable feedback on how well each element within their advertising and IMC mix is performing. They gain insights on best practices for ensuring strong advertising ROI and also how to build for the future of their brands. If you are an advertiser who wants to make the best decisions about your campaigns based on powerful insights about what’s working now (and what’s not), let us help.