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Single Source Insights

They said it couldn’t be done – it’s just too complex to be able to determine how consumers intersect with, and are impacted by, every ad element across both traditional and non-traditional channels.

They’re wrong. They’re missing the forest for the trees.

In-market Exposure-based Methods

Measure one ad at a time

Neuro Measurement / Emotion-based Systems

Use forced exposures, and – again – measure one ad at a time

Continuous Ad Tracking

Simply too blunt of an instrument to actually isolate advertising’s impact in a dynamic world

Marketing mix and Attribution Modeling

Often successful at identifying connections between ad spending and sales, but because they ignore the consumer resonance piece, leave too many unanswered questions

In contrast, Communicus has been isolating the in-market impact of all ads within a brand’s full 360° campaign for major US and International advertisers for years.

You can gain insights on the forest and the trees. Find out how we do it.