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Communicus TeamOur experienced team goes the extra mile to provide actionable insights and recommendations.


Every member of the Communicus Team is passionate about great research, great advertising and the part we play in taking our clients’ understanding of the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns to the next level.


Featured Team Members



Jeri Smith

Chief Executive Officer
Jeri spent over a decade early in her career at Communicus, and then after a fifteen year hiatus spent at DDB Worldwide, rejoined the firm as CEO in 1992. She provides research-based consulting … Read More


Kacy Doster

Executive VP
As the senior client services and team lead at Communicus, Kacy’s role is to oversee best in class insights development and delivery and to ensure that the company maintains its position … Read More

Trevor Kvaran

Trevor Kvaran

VP, Analytics
Trevor specializes in research design and methodology and using quantitative methods to better understand consumer behaviors. He is an expert in … Read More

Tom Tessman

Tom Tessman

VP Senior Director, Client EngagementTom leads Communicus’ client engagement and business development efforts. He collaborates and partners with all areas of Communicus—Account Services, Analytics and Operations—to deliver … Read More

Aleena Roeschley

Aleena Astorga Roeschley

Research Director and Multicultural Expert Aleena brings decades of experience in Hispanic culture and language to her leadership on the Communicus team, providing insights and recommendations to brands seeking to engage Hispanic consumers … Read More

Rose Reaves

Rosemarie Reaves

VP, Survey Design and Field Operations Rosemarie Reaves oversees the team responsible for developing and executing the process by which Communicus gathers the data to evaluate advertising effectiveness. Rose specializes in … Read More

Kathleen Coll

Kathleen Coll

Senior Account Director As Senior Account Director, Kathleen is responsible for developing, executing and interpreting advertising research studies for Fortune 100 advertisers in the packaged goods and beverage sectors … Read More

Employee Spotlight

Liberty Wicklund

Programming & Field Associate
Liberty has been with Communicus for 5 and a half years, and has had her fair share of job movement. She started as a Research Associate, moved into Fielding and Questionnaire Design, and in the last year has been programming surveys for us. She has excelled since she started programming. Whether she is learning how to do something new, or is answering questions for someone else, she consistently gives her work 110%. This is now more evident than ever, since she starts an associate’s degree in Computer Science this month to continue becoming a programmer extraordinaire, all while planning a wedding! Her attitude, hard work, and desire to learn, grow, and always exceed expectations are an unbelievable asset to the Communicus Family. We look forward to seeing how she continues to grow!

Thank you Liberty for everything you do for Communicus!