Advertising Campaign Evaluation

To succeed in-market, advertising campaigns must engage and persuade. Our proven, proprietary research system uses a longitudinal design (interviewing the same people at two points in time) to determine success on these key dimensions.

1The target audience needs to notice and engage with the advertising.

1Among those who engage, the advertising needs to change attitudes/behavior.

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The commVANTAGE system is our comprehensive advertising and IMC campaign evaluation system, providing in-depth insights into how the campaign has worked to build the brand and change consumers’ minds, to illuminate the way forward. Learn More


How is your new commercial working in-market? You need fast answers to ensure success.

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Identify strengths, synergies and opportunities to improve your new campaign while it’s still early in the season.

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Monitoring the pulse of your 360 campaign and brand KPIs to enable real-time adjustments – dashboard results how and when you need them
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