Advertising Campaign Evaluation

commVANTAGE: What is the real in-market impact of your advertising campaign, separate from other market forces?
At the end of your advertising year, you know how your brand performed in-market – but how much of this was a direct result of the advertising versus other market forces, such as competitive activities, word of mouth, the economy or even the weather?
The commVANTAGE system is uniquely able to isolate the impact of advertising on the success of your brand. You’ll know what would have happened to your brand without advertising, and how each medium and/or campaign initiative contributed to building brand perceptions and behavior.
The system tracks changes that occur over time using our longitudinal design approach: the same consumers are interviewed prior to campaign launch in a PREcomm phase, and then reinterviewed in the AIRwave phase after the campaign has run in-market.
The extensive knowledge that you gain will enable you to refine both creative and media plans for future initiatives.

A commVANTAGE study can include all elements within a 360° marketing initiative, including both traditional advertising and sponsorships, promotions, social media initiatives, in-store and other campaign elements.

You’ll learn how all of the campaign components work together to build the brand, and the unique contributions of each. The extensive knowledge that you gain will enable you to refine the overall program, and the mix of elements that you employ for future 360° communications programs.